Bonjour ;)

I'm Maria or, as you will know me from now on, Mary M.
I'm a Graphic Designer from Oporto with a whole lotta interests…
I love: design in general; photography; I have a soft spot for interiors design; illustration; fashion; deserts; the colour blue, among others.

I have to say, that I really don't like to be on this side of the lens, I do prefer to be the one with the camera on the hand.

From me, you can expect posts with a lot of delicious deserts, among my latest coolfinds and some other surprises under my sleeve.



With the good weather finally kicking, I'm predicting a lot of yellow, coral, blue marine & white, with blue jeans & a little of black combos on my horizon.

I'm thinking in accompanying those combinations with both gold and silver & little pops of turquoise colorful accessories. 

What about you, what colours are you thinking about right now?



As a graphic designer I try not to repeat colour schemes, but  I do love to use a turquoise kind of blueish green, white, gold and black.


Bags! I have to say that there isn't a piece of Proenza Schouler's collections I haven't liked to date.

This PS1 Keep All Small Straw from the SS2012 Collection is beautiful.
It combines two materials I've always loved to see on bags which aren't used too often. The black and natural straw colours were very well chosen.
Another exceptional work from Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough.

Proenza Schouler's bags will become, with no doubt, an icon.
The shape is amazing, the materials are top notch and the colours, patterns and details couldn't be more beautiful.

CRAZY ABOUT // Typeface Edition

This one is a hard question.
Has a graphic Designer I do have my group of favorite fonts, divided in genres and sub-genres, from serifed to non-serifed, to script, among others. (I won't bore you with the full list, I promise!).
I have to say, I don't have a favorite typeface. I have instead, a group of them, composed with a well though selection of typefaces.

It was hard to only focus on one, as I truly admire the work of detail that has been put to the draw of each and single letter of every typefaces on my list.

That put, the typeface I've chosen to share with you, (that may already be known of a few of you) is DSTYPE's Estilo.
From the first time I saw it, I couldn't wait for the opportunity to try it out. Eventually I had the chance to use it professionally.
Estilo is composed by 4 diferent styles: Estilo, Estilo Text, Estilo Script and Estilo Pro.

It's a perfect combination of a very clean aesthetic, the beautiful details and personality, making it one versatile and if I may say elegant kind of typeface.

Made by my former Professor, the typographer Dino dos Santos, the founder and owner of DSTYPE, who along with Pedro Leal, (a friend that has joined Dino at DSTYPE meanwhile), have being making history, letter by letter.
it's not by mere chance that they have being receiving award after award, after award.
Their work is truly impeccable.

If you don't already know their work I invite you to check out their website, if you do take a look at their fresh new typefaces.
They have recently released the DSType Report 2011 and the DSType User Specimen for ipad, for free.
Take a look.

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