The 'Miseráble Profile' is a new feature we wanted to introduce to you.
In this feature we will present you a few people that for a number of reasons inspire us.
We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Without further ado, we present you Pipa & Rama!

Pipa & Rama, aka Filipa and Nuno are two dear friends of mine whom earlier this year decided to take a leap of faith and create the maj tee brand Pipa & Rama.
Filipa is a Graphic designer and Nuno is a Product designer.
They loved what they were doing; but they felt that there was something missing.
They couldn't deny the passion they have for fashion since a long time, so, despite their closer friends' advices to never start a business with their other half, they decided to take a chance!

Thanks to that decision, we have the pleasure to present you Pipa & Rama, your excelence brand for high quality fabrics and bold cuts Tee's!


Filipa & Nuno, why have you chosen tees and not another piece of clothing for your debut collection?
We've chosen to make our debut collection on tees because it's the base for any modern look.
A t-shirt fits perfectly into every kind of situation; you can wear one during day or night, when doing sports, and just nearly everything else.
Nuno: I wear tees every day, so I consider it an essential piece of my wardrobe.


What makes your tees special?

We could have chosen a pre-existant basic tee and just applied our prints in it, but it didn't correspond to the idea or to the image we wanted to create of our brand.
We want our tees to stand out from the crowd.
Instead of the typical, cookie-cutter tee's, we want to create a collection of quality shirts with a unique, irreverent personality, achieved through the exclusive prints and limited edition bolt cuts that caracterize Pipa & Rama tee's.
We considered using one of those basic tees and then altering it, but there wouldn't be guarantees that the finished process would have the quality which we aspired to.

The fabrics in witch these tee's were made also didn't correspond to what we had in our minds.
We wanted a fabric that felt good, that flowed well, that wasn't too thick and yet was good enough for us to apply our prints in.
That perfect tee-shirt "formula" didn't exist, and so we decided to create it! 
And so, we got to work; we had to design the tee's, do research on the various available materials and pinpoint which were more adequate for our tee's through buying and selecting fabrics, finding the best printing option available (one which didn't compromise the fabric's flow), and finding the ideal professionals to work with us in the creation of our tee's.
Unlike some companies, which rely on mass produced, low quality work, we prefer to bet on the quality of every part of our work; fabric, printing, and packaging.
We want every aspect of the brand to coherently reflect the image we hope to build for Pipa & Rama.

Tell us about the illustrations!

We then decided to go further still and personalize our tee's with unique prints, betting in theme-set limited edition productions, complementing it with our basic collection.

The illustrations featured in the current 'Live Fast In The Wild West' Collection  were created by Nuno, except the lovely 'Cowboys Muscle Tee' typographic based illustration that was drawn by Filipa.

The western theme for our first limited edition came up from the personal tastes of Nuno, who loves drawing animals and nature-related elements.

We didn't want our prints to fade away or cause awkwardness whilst wearing the tee itself, and thus we chose a printing method in which the paint is directly applied on the fabric, much like tinting the shirt itself with our unique print; with this technique, the print has an excellent look that will not fade away with time or stick to an iron!


Look Book's Photoshoot
Here we have a few takes from Pipa & Rama's LookBook.

Nuno has a special love for pet animals, specifically snakes... (laughter)
Initially, we had thought of doing our shoot in one of the locations with one of Nuno's snakes, Nagini (named in honour of Harry Potter!); the problem was that, a few days before the shoot, it decided to run away! (laughter)
Luckily for us, it reappeared on the day previous to the photoshoot, though due to this ocurrence, we thought it was best not to include it in the photoshoot before we made sure its behaviour was on track.
Though we couldn't include it in the look book for the reasons stated, we managed to see Nagini stalking our tee's every now and then, as you can see in the picture bellow.

You can check out Pipa & Rama's LookBook here and their full collection here.

Hope you've enjoyed our first 'Miseráble Profile'!


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  1. Boa ideia esta...sem dúvida!
    Ora cobras não seriam animais que pessoalmente tomaria como de estimação...são muito bonitas e tal, mas o medo não me permite considerar a proximidade! XD

    Gostei muito do blog! Já estou a seguir
    Aqui vai o meu:

    1. Confesso que pessoalmente também prefiro animais de estimação de 4 patas!
      Apesar de nao ter nenhuma aversão a cobras, tirando ao temperamento que é um tanto ou quanto imprevisível :P

      Ps: Obrigada João ;)

      Também já demos uma vista de olhos ao teu blog e está na lista (;

      Mary M.

  2. Muito bom trabalho! Acredito que a Marca Pipa & Rama vá bem longe. Qualidade e inovação, juntamente com trabalho e dedicação - estão aqui todos os ingredientes para o êxito - Eles merecem! Para La coquette miseráble - um bem haja!

    1. Obrigada Teresa ;)

      A nossa parte deu algum trabalho, mas foi fácil dado que a matéria prima acerca da qual se trata este perfil ser top noch e os nossos dois designers super simpáticos!

      Mary M.