During part of the last two weeks I've been in a roadtrip through the North of Italy.
What's good always ends fast, and by the end of the trip we really didn't felt like coming home right away…
I guess that's a good excuse to go back as soon as possible, don't you think?
I leave you with a few pics from my trip & a brief description of the places I enjoyed most!

Bergamo - Milan - Padova - Venice - Padova - Verona - Laco di Garda - Florence - Bologna

Visiting 8 cities in 9 days was a hard task to pull off. There were a lot of places we would like to have seen but that we didn't had the time to visit.
Despite that we've had the chance to see tuns and really interesting parts of these beautiful cities!

01 - 09 // We arrived at Bergamo, by plain at the end of the morning, and spent the rest of the day wondering by and visiting the most relevant places of the old part of the city, wich is lovely!

I love the colors and details of the italian architecture! You see the most amazing floral arrangements everywhere, which alied to the architecture contributes for the overall "picturesc" look you see everywhere.

10 - 11 // In the next day we got on the road with a destination: Padova, but not before we've made a little stop in Milan!

12 - 19 // We arrived at Padova just in time to lunch! We found this amazing restaurant, 'il Venexino'. The food is delicious and the 'Marroquino' coffee was the cherry on the top of the meal!
If you visit Padova you should definitly try 'il Venexino'. The average price for a meal is around 20€ with drinks, desert and this amazing coffee included. Ps: Remember to take an empty stomach because beyond being delicious the meals are really well served! (my paella was enough for two of me).
We took advantage of the rest of the day to walk and visit the city by foot.
We stayed in the centre of the city, right next to 'La Basilica di sant'Antonio'.
20 - 21 // We stayed in Padova for two nights, but instead of staying in the city during the next day we've spent the entire day at the lovely Venice!

Today I'll leave you in Venice!
In the next few days I'll be posting the remaining pictures.
Hoping you've enjoyed!


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  1. ouwh i heard venice is the most romantic country, is it true??a wonderful trip there, i wish i'll have a similiar experience like you...hehe
    nice to meet you <3


    1. Venice is definitively wonderful & romantic! The streets, the canals, the flowers everywhere and that typical italian vibe! ;)

      If you have the chance, you should go there. You'll love it!

      I'll be making a new post with more pics from this trip in a few hours. Be my guest and check it out Shappira.

      Ps: It was also nice to meet you (,

      Mary M.

  2. Hi!

    Just wanted to let you know that I featured 1 of your outfits on my blog and linked it back to yours :)

    love your blog! I'm your newest follower :)


    1. Dear M.E., thank you ;)

      I've also checked your blog and if I might say that 'La Coquette' is not the only one with a new follower!

      Your 'Greece vs Italy' made me hungry... ;P Hope to check those recipes really soon!

      Baci bella!
      Mary M.