Buon giourno! I will now start from were I've left you, the lovely Venice!
I'll then leave you a couple more of pictures from what I've seen and fallen in love with during my roadtrip through the north of Italy!

If you haven't seen it you can check out the first part of my 'Italian getaway' visual diary here.

Bergamo - Milan - Padova - Venice - Padova - Laco di Garda - Verona - Florence - Bologna

VENICE // take II

'When in Italy be Italian' | When in Venice, buy a Panama hat!

I know probably only turists buy and use the Panama hats sold for instance in Venice, but in my defense from as soon as I can remember I have always been fond of Panama hats.
And in Venice I've bought my first one! It has been since then an inseparable item for the rest of the journey.
It was really a relief, because by the time we arrived at the country, Italy was having a heat wave. And when we visited Venice it was really really hot. So, buying the Panama hat was not only a little dream accomplished but also a very usefull aquisition!
While in Venice we spent the day travelling by foot and by the 'venician Vaporetto'. 'Vaporetto' is actually the name of a chain of boats that take you through and to the most important places of the city, allowing you to see the sights and quickly get to the places you wish to visit.
These are a few of the places I've passed by.

While walking by, totally lost in the many streets of Venice, I've found the italian edition of the AD// Architectural Digest, my favourite magazine. Being a Graphic Designer, Interiors Design is not exacly my 'beach' but for a long time now my interess in I.D. has been growing.
So it was really nice founding it. It was my 'side kick' for the next days.

PADOVA // take II

We arrived from our day in Venice and after taking a refreshing bath + rest we had a mission: finding a nice place to have dinner!
The sweetest italian Signora tolds us about 'Donna Irene'. She told us that the restaurant had an interior dining room and one in the garden. She also told us that the food was amazing and that it looked like paradise. And it was true...
The food was divine! I wasn't sure about what desert to choose and decided for one that I had absolutelly no idea what it was! After the main course, I knew that whatever I choose it would be for certain delicious! And once again, it was.
Donna Irene was an exquisit find! If you have the chance, for a special meal with your other half or with your friends, you should go to 'Donna Irenne'.
The price range is about 35€ per person for dinner, but I assure you it's totally worth it.


After  Padova we went to Laco di Garda were we stayed for one night.
We had a few hours to go to the lake beach were we found an adorable swan family.
In the next day we spent the morning traveling around the lake and after lunch we headed to Verona.

See you again in a few days for the third and last part of my 'Italian Getaway' series! 

Yours truly,

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  1. adorei as fotos, os sitios são lindissimos :)


  2. Obrigada Luísa ;)

    Já publiquei a última e maior parte do meu 'Italian Getaway Visual Diary'.
    Be my guest e dá uma vista de olhos aqui: http://www.lacoquettemiserable.com/2012/08/italian-getaway-insta-edition-03.html

    Beijinho gd & nice to meet you!*
    Mary M.