Circa 1 year ago I discovered the coolest screensaver ever — 'The City Weather Edition' by the graphic designer Stefan Trifan.

At the time I checked the cities list but unfortunately 'Oporto' wasn't one of them.
Lucky me Stefan had a message in the end of the list stating that if your city wasn't there and if you really liked 'The City Weather' you could send him an email with the request and as soon as possible we would customize it with your city and send it back to you.

Well, without many hope I decided to send an email and against all my expectations right in the next day when I opened my email I already had an answer from Stefan!
And my 'The City Weather — Oporto' custom edition screensaver came with it!

As you don't see this kind of actions mutch and 'The City Weather' is pretty darn cool I though it was worth sharing it with your guys.
Stefan developed the coolest screensaver, and then made it available for free for anyone who was interested and as if not enough he customized it once, twice and repeated it for more than a thousand cities, for free.
Ain't it amazing?

'The City Weather' screensaver has a purified and beautiful aesthetic. It is also pretty practical, only requiring an internet connection it shows you the weather prevision for your city, featuring Now, Today and Tomorrow.
I found myself for several times staring at my computer admiring it's details.

I though that instead of just talking about it it would be mutch more interesting to ask Stefan some questions about his idea and design. This way giving you an insight on the creators mind.

Stefan, what was your the idea / motivation behind the creation of 'The Weather City Edition' screensaver?
The idea for this screensaver started from a spark: "Why are no other informations displayed on screensavers?". Most of them display the clock – the time, even I created in the past time some clock screensavers for myself. Someday I started to build a new one and decided to use my experience with Flash, ActionScript3 and API's. So I decided to show the weather for one city (Now, Today and Tomorrow) based on Yahoo Weather Forecast, with my own personal concept: black and white, minimalism, wonderful typography and beautiful custom weather icons.

Did you created it for yourself and then decided to make it available for everyone? Or was that your intention from the start?
First I explored it as a new personal project, for myself and local friends, more as a teaser for the new stage of solid screensaver with many features, settings, App, etc.

How many cities did you include when it was first released?
In the beginning I introduced a set of five cities (Barcelona, Bucharest, London, New York, Paris) and I putted them on my website, Facebook, Twitter. And "Wow!", now I am very happy with the results: over two thousand emails, hundreds of tweets, articles, more new cities worldwide requests and awesome feedback from many designers and wonderfull people.

How many cities are there right now?
Right now there are more than 1111 cities. :D

Is it available for any other devices other than mac computers?
"The Weather City Edition" screensaver is available only for Mac OSX (up to 10.6). Because I'm a Mac user from a long time is difficult to make apps for Windows right now; but in the future I am considering something for PC users.

Will it be available for other devices soon?
Now "The Weather City Edition" screensaver require some update phase for new Lion & Mountain Lion — available very soon.
Meanwhile the new project is "The City Weather for iPad"; which will be based on the same concept, but with new improvements, new experience and awesome features — this will be amazing and coming soon.

__  __  __

You can check out and download 'The City Weather' screensaver for laptops here and for the ipad edition that will be available soon you can come here. 

You can also check out Stefan's other works at his personal website here and on Silkeight here.

And if your city isn't on the lucky list you can email Stefan yourself and politely ask him for a custom edition of the wallpaper featuring your own city at: creative {at} silkeight.com

Hope you guys enjoyed 'The City Weather' screensaver.

& thank you Stefan for all your time.

From yours truly,

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  1. can't wait for "The City Weather for iPad"!! please let the world know in all possible ways when you release it.. and by the way, the windows version will also be lovely ;)

    1. Dear 'm L',
      Don't worry, we'll let you know when Stefan releases the ipad or other versions. It's a deal ;)

      Ps: Have you already left your email here: http://www.thecityweather.com/ ?
      I think Stefan will send everyone who did a Newsletter about the new version release.

      I'm glad you enjoyed it!

      Mary M.