Buon giourno gorgeous!
The visual diary from my road trip comes to it's last edition!

Today, I'll be taking you with me to the beautiful cities of: Verona, Florence, Piza, Florence again and at last but not least Bologna.

If you want you can check out the previous editions of 'Italian Getaway' here: 'ITALIAN GETAWAY_01' & 'ITALIAN GETAWAY_02'.

Bergamo - Milan - Brescia - Padova - Venice - Padova - Laco di Garda - Verona - Florence - Piza - Florence - Bologna


After staying at the Laco di Garda region we went straight to Verona!
We got in Verona in the middle of the afternoon and only had time to leave our bags at the hotel, change to something more fancy and get to the center of the city.
After getting lost wandering by the streets of the city and having a quick stop for dinner near by we went to the Arena and attended the Opera Romeo & Juliet.
It was my first Opera and although there was a linguistic barrier it was really nice to see and listen to the Giulietta Capuleti & Romeo Montecchi tragic love story for the first time in an 'Italian Edition'.




We were heading to the Galleria degli Uffizi through Borgo SS. Apostoli street when we started hearing at first far away and then closer and closer an amazing sound. We couldn't resist and started following it...
We found ourselfs on the front door of the Enoteca per Bacco! Simone Graziano Trio were playing. We decided to stay a while, and I'm glad we did it, because as we found out later that was the only day in the week when the museum was closed.
We had the most amazing time and I think it was the perfect way to say goodbye to Florence or Firenze.
If you find yourself in Firenze, for any chance, visit Enoteca per Bacco and attend one of the concerts they have while tasting the most amazing champagne and/or exquisite wine.
You can check out their schedule on Le Vin Diable Facebook Page.

You can listen to an extract of the concert I attended on Soundcloud or in the 'video' bellow. Hope you enjoy it as mutch as I did!


Ps: As you may already know I do prefer to be behind the lens but I will be making at least one Italian inspired ensemble to be posted here soon ,)

Hope you've enjoyed the not so small sneek peek into my 'Italian Getaway' Visual Diary.
It was hard work to pull it all off but totally worth it sharing it with you guys.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

From yours truly,

2 comentários:

  1. Como tenho saudades dessas paragens...mal vi as fotos tive uma enorme nostalgia! Verona e Veneza foram as minhas paragens por essas bandas! Ambas lindas e maravilhosas!!! A arena de Verona é qualquer coisa de incrível e as óperas então nem se fala! Podias ter comprado os livrinhos com tradução...terias percebido tudo e desfrutado ainda mais a experiência...foi o que fiz quando lá fui! Mal posso esperar pelas restantes fotos!

    Adoro o teu quantinho!
    Beijos grandes

  2. Infelizmente de Verona vi muito pouco, mas de Veneza vi um pouco mais. ;)

    Também comprei um desses livrinhos com a Ópera mas tive pena de não entender tudo quando estava a ver, para perceber na hora a eloquência de cada timtim da história.

    A viagem foi pequena para tantos sítios tão bonitos. Foram 9 dias para 10 cidades maravilhosas. Soube mesmo a pouco!
    Espero conseguir lá voltar e ver tudo outra vez e muito mais! (;

    Fico contente que tenhas gostado João!

    Ps: Já ouviste o excerto do concerto na parte de Florença // take 2?
    Foi um daqueles momentos que valem milhões.

    E os mil e um gelados deliciosos em cada canto...

    Pps: Obrigada! ^^

    Beijinho grande,